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Services What I do?

Depending upon where you are in your financial life, the benefits of using an honest and competent personal financial coach will help you achieve financial independence or at least keep you on a good path toward your goal. If you are earning plenty of income, but just not sure how to best direct your cash flow, a financial coach is for you or if you are living paycheck to paycheck and have debt, a financial coach is for you.

The main benefit of having a financial coach is hearing the truth about your financial status and what you can do to improve it from someone honest and who isn’t trying to sell you anything except personal financial independence. Your personal information is always held in strict confidence.

Regarding of your age and whether you are single or married with children, a financial coach can help you get on a prosperous path to reach any financial goal you may have. Imagine the joy in your family’s life of being able to better handle and plan your personal financial journey!

As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, James offers biblically sound and practical financial advice to those who desire a life without financial chaos.

Services What to expect?

It’s easy to get started and invest in your future! The process is as follows:

  1. Make the decision to hire a financial coach and change your life
  2. Select a coaching session or a package and make the required payment
  3. Complete and sign a financial coaching agreement that you will be provided
  4. Complete the personal financial snapshot form that you will be provided
  5. Complete the financial workbook that you will be provided
  6. Return the completed documents to your financial coach
  7. Schedule a session, on a convenient day and time, to meet with your coach by phone or Zoom.
  8.  You’ll receive immediate feedback and set next steps during the session.

Note: The more complete and accurate information is provided, your coach will be able to more efficiently provide value back to you. You may need only one session or you may choose to schedule additional sessions as needed.

Services What is the cost?

James offers financial coaching sessions that last about an hour. The initial session may last a little longer. Of course, there is preparation work for everyone involved before the session occurs.

The initial coaching session cost $99 and can be purchased though the online store. You would be making an investment in yourself and the financial advice you’ll receive will be worth to you many times more than the cost.

Subsequent coaching sessions may be purchased at $80 per session or $40 per half session.

If you wish to purchase a package of three coaching sessions, the total cost is $199 ($66 per session).

If you wish to purchase a package of ten coaching sessions, the total cost is $599 ($60 per session).

Depending on your personal situation you may need just one session or several. After any full session, a 10-minute follow-up phone conversation is included to address any outstanding issues which may need attention.

Of course, you may purchase a session or package for your friends or family.

Coaching fees are not refundable as I provide a fee-for-time service. I promise you will get out of the coaching session what you put into it. However, if a package of coaching sessions is purchased and if I am unable to provide any remaining coaching sessions, you will be entitled to a refund of any remaining credit.